For those who are looking for a new portable Wi-Fi.

There are many providers out there... but,

Want a device easy to carry?

Don't you want to try it out?

Want to keep the fee low?

Want to use in more than one places?

Highlights !


Easy to use!!

Only SIM contract!

Low price!

No cancellation charge!

Wide service area!

Point1:Easy to use!!

Point2:SIM only contract is also possible!

Point3:Very low price!!

Point4:No cancellation charge!

Point5:Good reception! 4G/ LTE High speed internet with wide service area!!

Steps to start

Our customers opinion

The radio waves have become wider and easier to use!
(Ms. C A, thirties)

I am very satisfied because the monthly fee has become cheaper! !!
(Mr. K M, twenties)

This Wi-Fi router is much lighter than my last one and easy to carry around.
(Mr. S A, forties)

I have a Wi-Fi router, so I was able to sign up for SIM only!
(Ms. Y W, thirties)

Optional services

Comparing portable Wi-Fi providers

* Prices are without tax

Company D

Monthly fee



¥3,980 from second year

Data usage

45G to 50G per month

(Large data plan and Super large data plan)



4.5G/ 3days limit



Contract period

Three months※1


Two years




(Extra charge on used country)




( First month free)

Canceling charge




*1 SIM is automatically updated every 3 months.

*2 Available by switching to SIM card valid in each countries (Not available in some countries)

*3 Offer lasts only during promotion.

* Data speed not shown in chart due to fact that speed greatly depends on environment.

Speed may be restricted (128kbps) when abnormal or large amount of data usage in a short period of time is detected by Line Provider.

Note for Monthly fee
- First month fee will be daily rate from day we ship the device.

Note for cancellation
- Please give us notice one month before cancellation.

・Reissue costs for Wi-Fi router and SIM card is ¥7,000 (Tax excluded) each when water damaged if lost.