Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I order?

A. Please apply from our web site via computer or smartphone.

Q. When can I have the device after I order?

A. It depends on how you receive the package.

[If you prefer delivery by hand]
You can use the device from the day we hand it.

[If you prefer delivery by post]
Device will be shipped in around five days.

Q. What are the terms of payment?

A. VISA/MasterCard/ AMERICAN EXPRESS bard Credit cards and Debit cards are available.
Some Credit card may can not be used.
Bank transfer, Prepaid cards, Pay Pay are not available.

Q. I've lost my device.

A. Please contact Lion Wi-Fi support via LINE as soon as possible.

Q. What happens if I use data more than the limit?

Speed may be restricted (128kbps) when abnormal or large amount of data usage in a short period of time is detected by Line Provider. Data speed will return on next month. We can not give any support regarding speed restrictions.

Q. How do I cancel my contract?

A. Please contact Lion Wi-Fi support via LINE.

  • Please give us notice one month before cancellation.

Please return the Wi-Fi router by post when canceling contract.
* Postage is payed by customer.

Q. Device hasn’t arrived yet.

A. We ship from five to seven business days after your order (We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays) If device hasn’t arrived after five business day after shipping day, please contact Lion Wi-Fi support via LINE.

Q. I’m not getting internet connection.

A. Line provider’s status, Location or other factors may be the cause. Please reboot your Wi-Fi router. If rebooting your device won’t solve the problem, contact Lion Wi-Fi support via LINE.